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Confidential shredding

Why Shred?

Private information isn’t limited to bank statements and business contracts. Printed confidential materials are produced daily in every business and by every employee — from employee medical records to strategic planning documents. Identity theft and corporate espionage threatens to destroy personal credit ratings as well as business reputation and security.

Indentity theft

As the fastest growing form of consumer fraud, personal credit
ratings are at risk to identity fraud. Your reputation and credit are on the line, as are the security of your family members and business associates.

Surprisingly, research shows that most identity thieves obtain information through traditional paper-based sources rather than electronic channels. And while laws and privacy policies help to keep companies in line and criminals in check, prevention is still the best course of action.

RL Shred’s document destruction services provide individuals and businesses with the safest and most efficient way of thwarting identity thieves. We prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. We maintain the highest level of security, and we enable businesses and individuals to reduce their risk of
identity theft.

Keep your investments safe and protect your future

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